CMG Academy

Course Curriculum

Welcome to Advance Game Development with Stencyl
0 Hours 2 minutes
Overview of Software and Tools
0 Hours 14 minutes
What’s New in Stencyl 3.x and Beyond?
0 Hours 27 minutes
What’s New in Stencyl Pt. 2
0 Hours 12 minutes
Marketing and Monetization
Game Monetization Strategies
0 Hours 19 minutes
Game Marketing: What, Why and How?
0 Hours 16 minutes
An In-Depth Look at Stencyl
A Look at the Stencyl Interface Pt. 1
0 Hours 20 minutes
A Look at the Stencyl Interface Pt. 2
A Look at the Stencyl Interface Pt. 3
Licensing and Publishing Options
0 Hours 4 minutes
Game Design Theory: An Overview
What is Play?
0 Hours 13 minutes
What is a Game?
0 Hours 16 minutes
Building the Bones of the Game: Let's Get Practical
The Game Design Concept
0 Hours 14 minutes
Backgrounds Update in Stencyl 3.2
0 Hours 2 minutes
Starting the Game Project
0 Hours 24 minutes
Game Project Pt. 2
Game Project Pt. 3
Game Project Pt. 4
Moving the Balloon
Moving the Balloon Pt. 2
Programming Core Functionality and Mechanics
The Player Handler: Character Controls
Adding the Adaptive Cursor
Character Controls
Character Controls Pt. 2
0 Hours 7 minutes
An Object Lesson in Software Development
Cursor Handler: Sharing Attributes Between Actors
Debugging the Cursor Handler Pt. 1
Debugging the Player Handler
Crafting the Aesthetic Experience
Refining Obstacle Interactions
Exercise: More Elaborate Camera Follow
Solution: More Elaborate Camera Follow
Handling Collisions Properly
Reacting to Collision Events: Destruction of Obstacles
Obstacle Eye Candy
Player Eye Candy
Exercise: Finish Player Eye Candy
Solution: Finish Player Eye Candy
Directional Click Fix
Collecting Coins Pt. 1
Collecting Coins Pt. 2
Animating HUD Elements
Finishing Touches
Using Fonts and Tracking Score
Adding Menus and Buttons
Level Selection Screen
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