CMG Academy

Course Curriculum

0.1 Project Files
0.2 Download Stencyl and Install
01 Setting Up the Game Project
02 Parallax Backgrounds
03 Seamless Backgrounds Explained
04 Actors and Animations
05 Collision Shapes – Box, Circle and Polygon
06 Additional Actors and Animations
07 More Collider Configurations
08 Physics Settings
09 The PC Handler
10 Firing the Ships Weapons
11 Kill on Leaving Screen
12 Cannot Exit Screen
13 Refining the Projectile Spawn Point
14 Procedural Obstacle Generation
15 Comet Collisions and Explosions
16 Comet Collisions Continued
17 Projectile Collisions
18 Die When Hit By Obstacle
19 Power-ups (Extra Power)
20 Attack of the Flying Saucers
21 Automatic Saucer Turret
22 Debugging and Refining the Saucer and Turret
23 Further Projectile Spawn Refinements
24 UFO Health and Damage System
25 Player Character Health System
26 Importing Custom Bitmap Fonts
27 Drawing Score to the HUD
28 Updating the Score Variable
29 Importing Audio Files
30 Playing A Music Loop
31 Playing Sound Effects for the PC
32 Explosion and Bump SFX
33 Mobile Input and Controls
34 Fire When Player Touches Mobile Screen
35 Testing on Android Devices
36 Adding A Start Menu Screen
37 Navigating the GUI with Buttons
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